JB7 production has ended!

Martin is working on a new product - register your interest and views here

Quick update 17th March

First batch of B2s were delivered last month. We’re currently testing the software. Over the next few weeks I’ll be writing to customers who have registered their interest.

It is likely that the B2 will be significantly oversubscribed for many months and I will prioritise customers who have registered. If you think you might want a B2 this year you should consider registering your interest now.

Thanks again for all your comments and suggestions please keep them coming - I read your comments every day - it makes the programming hard slog a lot more relevant - and bearable.

January 2015

Thank you for taking the time to leave all the thoughtful comments - please keep them coming - I read them everyday. The first production B2s will be ready late February - I'll be looking for testers before that. (Yes the B2 is compatible with your JB7 music collection.)

Have a good holiday and if you have the time listen to "I'm New Here" by Gil Scott-Heron - my favourite musical discovery of 2014.


Here’s a peek at what I’m working on. These are pre-production samples of my next product - codenamed B2. I’m still busy on the software but B2 delivers all the functionality of JB7 and a lot more. B2 is physically smaller than JB7 but with a 2Tb hard disk it can store 6000 CDs losslessly - its a bit of a mouthful but it means perfect unadulterated copies of your CDs forever.
(You don’t need an expensive hard disk though - there will be lower price SD only models that will hold 100’s of CDs).

I put an Optical SPDIF output on the back so you can deliver the music to a high end DAC or high end audio equipment for uncompromised audio quality.
B2 also has its own 15W+15W RMS power amplifier with chunky 4mm plugs if you want a simple one box music system. (30W RMS means uncomfortably loud in my office).
B2 is internet connected so that means you can control it remotely with a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. It means it has access to the latest album and track names and album art online. B2 plays internet radio stations - so you can listen to BBC Radio Four in Tahiti.

B2 has Bluetooth. So if you have Spotify or another music streaming service on your phone or tablet - play it through the B2.
I’ve remembered to keep it simple though. You don’t need the internet. You don’t need the gadgets to make it work. Same as the JB7 just press the next button and it plays your entire music collection. Press the knob on the front and scroll through albums - dead easy.

Sorry about the assortment of amateur pics at this stage. B2 is machined from solid aluminium and has either a black or stained brushed aluminium front. Its impressively solid and can take a 70kg load (me).
One of the most exciting things about B2 - and this may prove me to be mad or a genius - is that it contains a Raspberry Pi and the entire operating system can be swapped by replacing the SD card at the rear right. Think of it as a brain transplant.
If you are unfamiliar with Raspberry Pi you can skip this part. But for Raspberry Pi owners it means you will be able to build B2 using your own Pi and customise what the B2 does - the Pi has a HDMI output and B2 has a CD/DVD combo drive - so you could build a photo or video jukebox for instance. Or write a program to record vinyl or cassettes and split tracks. Or sync B2s in many rooms…
Thanks for all the suggestions so far. Let me know what you think or if you have any questions or can help and leave your email address here and I will give you priority when production starts.


p.s. I'd be particularly happy to hear from any Raspbery Pi folk who can help me get the Pi to boot quicker.

What follows is the old JB7 website...

JB7 - simple as a light switch.

The JB7 is essentially a CD player with a hard disk that can store and play your entire music collection.

  • The JB7 gives you instant access to any of your music and plays unbroken music for as long as you want. 
  • Choose and play an album or track without getting out of your chair. 
  • See what is playing from across the room. 
  • One button plays your entire music collection at random - another turns it off - its just what you need when you want to unwind - as simple as a kettle.

Photo shows the Brennan JB7 with a Pure Digital iPod dock - you can just use the iPod USB cable - you don't need a dock but it looks nice.


Amazing things happen when you listen to your music on JB7

I re-discovered that I loved Van Morrison. I mean how did that happen? I'd somehow forgotten that I loved Van Morrison. I have a handful of his CDs but somehow when I saw the words on the side of a CD on a shelf it did nothing to me.

Once I had my JB7 I was just scrolling through the albums from the sofa and I thought I haven't heard Van for a while so I pressed play. It was like discovering a twenty pound note in an old pair of jeans or having a cup of tea made by a friend.

The next thing you know I'm on Amazon browsing for more CDs.

JB7 packs a 60W amp in a package the size of a book. It has a vibrant blue soft scrolling display and big inviting buttons. Get your friends round - show off!

The JB7 is not just great in the home - JB7 has been picked up by restaurant, bar and shop owners because it delivers fuss free non-stop music. No computer no network.

Your CD collection probably cost you thousands, it can make you cry or make you sing and dance but its doing nothing for you on the shelf.

On a practical note - if you want to brighten up your living room - the Brennan lets you enjoy your music and create some space. Even 100 CDs can make a room look cluttered.


Now Martin Brennan has designed clever new software that lets the JB7 play music on your iPod* as if the iPod was an extension to the JB7 hard disk.
The iPod is a fabulous product but it was designed for handheld use not the living room. That means things like finding a particular track or changing shuffle to normal play can be a bit fiddly. And if you are playing the iPod at home through a typical iPod dock you are probably going to have to get up and walk over to the iPod to do it.

The Brennan was designed for the living room and because the Brennan treats the iPod as an extension to its own hard disk - you can find and play music - whether its is in the iPod or in the Brennan - in seconds and see what’s playing all without leaving your armchair.

You can even transfer the iPod music collection into the Brennan.

3.1x Faster than Sony

If you are going to load your CD collection onto a hard disk you really need the loading process to be as quick and simple as possible. If it takes too long its no fun and its too easy to give up.

The Brennan has a high performance CD mechanism, a powerful Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and streamlined software to slash loading times.

In a test we loaded a CD album by David Gray onto a Sony Gigajuke and the Brennan JB7. The Sony took 11 minutes and 27 seconds. The Brennan 3 minutes 39 seconds.


Brennan v Goliath - the JB7 is one fifth the size yet three times faster!

Revitalize your Vinyl

JB7 lets you transfer your collection of Vinyl (or cassettes for that matter) onto hard disk so that you can save precious recordings and play them just as easily as tracks loaded from CDs. Find out more  

The future of music

You can now choose from a million CDs from the likes of Amazon and Play.com at half the price they used to be.

Its hard to believe but Napster - the original peer to peer music sharing network at the start of the MP3 revolution - is now almost ten years old - and we are all still coming to terms with the change.

After years of illegal file sharing new legal ways to download MP3s are emerging. You can now buy MP3s from Amazon and from Sainsbury's.

To play MP3s on the Brennan just copy them from your computer onto a USB memory stick and plug it into the Brennan. You can play the music directly from the USB or copy the files onto the Brennan hard disk. The Brennan text search will find the track just the same.

We think CDs are going to be around for a lot longer than often predicted but it makes sense to have a player that works as well with CDs as MP3s.

More about the Brennan JB7

Brennan on TV

Watch the new Brennan TV commercial here

Watch the new brennan TV commercial

Brennan on Brennan

Martin Brennan answers questions about the JB7

Martin Brennan answers questions about the JB7


Watch the videos!

OK we're not going to win any Oscars but these early videos we did with a prototype JB7 give you an idea just how radical, quick and simple the Brennan really is.



Video 1 -
MP3 takeaway



Video 2 -
Find music by txt



Video 3 -
How to load a CD


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"After sales support like you've never experienced in the digital world. When you have a problem with Windows does Bill Gates get back to you and offer to talk you through it? I don't think so." 

Henry, Sydney Australia



 "I bought one of your JB7's the other day, which is not like me to buy something from a company I do not know, but saw the ad on facebook, checked out your website and I just had to have one.
Delivered very quickly, and I must say what a fantastic bit of kit it is.
The sound quality from the speakers, which I also bought from you, is amazing...
...Again, may I say how brilliant the system is, as they say, it does everything it says on the label....fantastic.

Phil, Milton Keynes


Massive CD database

The chart shows how the 2.4 million CD database divides into ten broad categories. The classical genre alone contains 250,000 CDs - that's 1.5 miles of different CDs side by side.



"I had the boys round on Sunday and they were all, to a man, like kids in a sweet shop jostling for a turn."

Jim, Somerset


The law is changing!

Thank you to everyone who took part in our survey. We had 98.5% in support of a change in the Copyright Law.
In his independent review of copyright law Prof. Hargreaves recommended that format shifting should be legalised – citing Brennan as an example of why the law needs changing.
The government has announced that it accepts the recommendation and the law will be changed.