Backing up, USB drives and MP3 compatibility

Q: "Is there a way of backing up my JB7 so I wouldn't have to load my entire CD collection again if the system was to break down? Can you recommend a good USB for backup?"

A: The JB7 has been designed to allow back up to a USB hard disk. This means that in the event of a break down you will not have to load your CD's again. Technically speaking the JB7 is compatible with mass storage devices formatted with FAT16 or FAT32 and operating at 12Mbits (Full Speed USB). This isn't much help unless you are a computer wizard because many products do not provide this information on the packaging or website. (See tips on the left though). One option is to buy a USB hard disk that we have tested. You can find one on the shop page.

Q: “I have the portable hard-drive, now how do I back up my music?”

A: 1.Plug the external hard-drive into the front of the Brennan using the USB port. 2.The screen will display the message “USB OK” if the hard-drive is compatible. 3.On the menu function, choose “USB functions” and then “Backup music” 4.This could take from a n hour or two to a few days depending on how much new music you have stored. Please note that once the back up has been completed the display screen will return to the clock. Along side the 'usb' text will be a numebr of tracks. 

Q: “How can I recover music from a backup USB hard-drive?”

A: 1.Attach the back-up USB hard drive.2.Push the main control knob to start the main menu, then turn the knob to scroll and select USB functions, then restore music. Exporting album and track names to an external USB device

Q: “How can I create a text document of the albums on my JB7?”

To create a text document of the albums on your device: 1.Insert a USB storage device (Eg. a USB Pendrive)2.Go to the main menu 3.Select "Usb Functions". 4.Select "List Albums" This will create a txt. file on your USB stick detailing the albums stored on your unit.

Q: “How do I use the Import/Export Names function?”

1:Attach an empty USB device / data stick to the JB7 2:Scroll to USB Funtions and then choose export names. You will then need to attach the USB device to your PC, open and you'll see JB7 catalogue - please open this with microsoft notepad and not word or excel.Please be very careful with the amendments, avoid leaving empty spaces and gaps - only amend the titles and tracks etc. Once complete, please save back to the data stick overwriting the original - disconnect the USB stick from the PC and plug it back in to the JB7.Then on your unit select "USB functions" and choose import names.Your JB7 will then update your track names for you. Transferring music between CD, internal hard disk and USB.

Q: “How do I rip or copy a CD directly to an external USB device?”

1.Insert the USB device. 2.Insert the CD into the slot gently until it is pulled inside. 3.Push the main control knob to start the main menu, then turn and push the knob to select CD to USB. 4.You will be asked to pick a name from the album database. Select by pushing the knob. 5.This will then copy the entire CD to the USB device. The CD will be compressed to MP3 format

Q: “How do I transfer a track from a CD to an external USB drive?”

1.Insert the CD and insert the external USB drive. 2.The CD menu will automatically start. 3.Turn the main control knob to scroll, then push the knob to select ‘Track to USB’. 4.Scroll to select which track you wish to transfer. This will then load the track to the USB device. 5.On the remote, this can be done when the track on the CD is playing. Just press the Rip button. Note that playing will stop as it is mechanically inefficient to rip and play the CD at the same time

Q: “How do I transfer my music to an external USB device?”

Insert the USB device.On the front panel: 1.To add a selected track, playlist or album push the main control knob, then turn the knob to scroll to Track Search, Playlists or Album Search. Select by pushing the knob. 2.Turn the knob to scroll to ‘Track to USB’, ‘Playlist to USB’ or ‘Album to USB’, and push the knob to select.On the remote control:1 To add the current track to the USB device press the Rip button on the remote. 3. Entire albums and playlists cannot be transferred using the Rip button on the remote. Instead, press Menu, then use the up and down arrow buttons and select Album Search or Playlists by pressing OK. Use the up and down arrow buttons again to select the album or playlist and then press OK to select ‘Album to USB’ or ‘Playlist to USB’.