Vinyl & Cassettes

dscf0625_300You can record your cassettes and records straight on to the Brennan. No USB connection required.

You will need either a 3.5mm Stereo Male to Twin Phono (Left and Right) or an adaptor. We buy our cables from Cabling4less  




1.Connect the phono plugs to the 'line out' sockets at the rear of the tape or record deck.

2. Connect the 3.5mm jack plug to the Aux-In socket at the rear of the Brennan.

3. Press Aux on the remote control.  Press Rec to start recording and once more to stop. 





Default Recording Time - before recording for the first time it is important to set the default recording time. From Recording on the main menu press Recording time and set an appropriate maximum recording time-out eg. 60 mins. The default exists to stop accidental over recording which could fill the hard drive.

Recording Level - from the Menu press Recording, then scroll to find and select Recording Level.  Find and play the loudest passage of music to be recorded and increase the recording level until it starts to distort.  Then turn it back a  couple of clicks to select the optimum recording level.

Turntable - if your present turntable does not have a built in pre-amp then connect via your amplifier's Line Out or Headphone socket to the Brennan's Aux socket.

Line-out Sockets - Some systems , such as Micro cassette players do not have twin line out sockets.  In this case, using a single jack plug lead, connect via your system's headphone socket.

Find & Rename - to find the recording go to Browse Albums in the main menu.  The last album will be called Recordings.  From here you should Rename the entire album or Pick a track and Rename those individually.  This can be done using the remote or a USB keyboard.

Tip -  each time you press Rec a new recording will be listed and will need to be renamed.  Many find that recording a side at a time (A & B) is the ideal solution.  Perhaps that favourite track could be recorded seperately.