BB1 - the new Baby Brennan

Sometimes audio is only half the performance
There are millions of spine tingling music videos on Youtube
500 albums right here. Someone you know would love the baby brennan
Not hard to use
Take Stormzy on picnic
Simple, sympathetic use of materials - fits in everywhere
A whole lot of fun in a small package
When people see the bb1 - they want to hold it. When they hold it they smile. Its like a long lost friend

Martin Brennan has invented a completely new kind of audio player
Watch the 90 second video introduction.


16G (5,000 MP3 tracks or 1000 Videos) £199+delivery.
32G (10,000 MP3 tracks or 2000 Videos) £239+delivery.

Update 1st October

Now shipping! We are currently emailing folk who have registered to let them buy a bb1 - on a “first come first served” basis. Don’t panic if you haven’t heard from us.

We will work through the list before putting bb1 on sale generally so it makes sense to register.


Register your interest  here. There is no obligation but priority will be given to names on the waiting list when product is ready. Feel free to leave questions or comments when you register.


We recommend using rechargeable batteries - we found that Amazon Basics rechargeable AAs lasted 7.5 hours against Duracell Ultra (not rechargeable) 9 hours in the same test. the Brennan will not charge them - you will need a battery charger - often sold with batteries if you don't have one.

Transferring Music from B2 or JB7

The easiest way to transfer music is to plug your B2/JB7 backup disk into BB1 and use the Browse USB function. In fact BB1 will play the music directly from the backup disk - so there is no need to transfer.

SD Upgrade

Martin designed BB1 so you can prise off the front and replace the SD card. Its a bit fiddly and you will need to copy the operating system on the SD but it helps make your BB1 future proof. We will provide instructions in due course.

Software Upgrade

The BB1 software is evolving. Many great ideas have come from customers registering. New features will be freely available through a web upgrade. Developments in the pipeline include support for USB headphone DAC (done) and Bluetooth output.

*Youtube footnote

The Youtube related functions depend on the Youtube website continuing to operate as it does today.



"Mr Brennan your new baby makes smart speakers look pretty stupid"

"Pop videos have been waiting 40 years for this"

"OMG you just killed Bluetooth speakers"

"Instant classic - like the Mini - proud to be British - well done!"


  • Six Watts RMS
  • 40x100x180mm, 500g (without batteries)
  • 2.8" IPS TFT - great contrast and viewing angle
  • Batteries - four AAs can be rechargeable - doesn’t charge them
  • Power in - type C connector - AC adaptor supplied with short 600mm lead - replace with longer lead to suit.
  • USB Port for USB memory, CD, Ethernet, Keyboard, Hub...
  • Internal loudspeakers - two 40mm drivers and passive radiator - mono
  • 7 to 9 hours battery life. 
  • Wood, Aluminium, Fabric and Plastic construction.
  • 10,000 MP3 tracks or 2,000 videos (or a mix) on 32G model
  • 5,000 MP3 tracks or 1,000 videos (or a mix) on the 16G model
  • Works as a Bluetooth Speaker
  • Internet radio with 40,000 stations
  • Web UI - control from laptop, phone or tablet
  • Youtube* - search, play and download videos
  • Support for external USB headphone DAC - works with £5 generic DACs all the way up to audiophile FiiO DACs. Use this for headphones or audio out.


Quick Start Guide