Brennan Picture Bank - JBV

13th April 2017

I have just massively extended what you can do with your B2. You can now use B2 to store and view your digital photographs. This is very much work in progress and I'm keen to hear from owners to help steer future development. I've long wanted something like this for my own growing collection of 70k+ photos when it occured to me I could keep them on my B2. It turns out the combination of music and slideshow is just magical.

I've got a lot of ideas to come but I'm keen to share it with you asap.


To view the new Photo UI click on the camera on the settings page of the web UI or type in this URL directly (your IP address will be different). 

Most of it should be intuitive. The mouse scroll wheel lets you zoom into timeline. When you click on date that image is displayed.

How to load your Photos

The main menu gives you two ways to load photos. I use Load From USB mostly but you can also upload from a computer. 

You can start a slideshow from the main menu. At the moment the slideshow is on the web browser but I plan to put it on the TV (HDMI) as well.

You can load photos from any USB hard disk or memory. I use a USB extender and an SD Card Reader to load photos directly from SD cards.


Don't worry if you have your photos in more than one place and load them twice. B2 will check the dates and skip any duplicates. 

What is Caching?

When you first load your photos it will be quite slow to display them. After a while B2 makes some lower resolution copies of the photographs (the originals are unchanged) and these cached images make the system nice and quick.

You can tell B2 to start building the cache from the tools menu - or it will start automatically when the B2 goes into standby.

The Tools Menu

This is for seldom used or developmental tools. Mostly self explanatory. Scan Photos rebuilds an index of the photos - extracting dates and orientations.

Future Developments

A labelling function so you can identify dates on the timeline eg Dallas, Africa Holiday..
Slideshow to the TV in higher resolution
Grouping photos Great,Good,Poor,Public,Private,Work,Mum,Dad...