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Here are a few common questions. See the tabs on the left for lots more. The technical help desk is now closed. We cut and paste all the material from our technical support website into this document - it lacks polish but you may find answers not available elsewhere.

Q:"Where can I order a latest album database CD?"

See the shop page.

Can you search for an artist or composer?

Yes -  the artist or composer is appended to the album name (or to the track name for compilations of various artists). So for instance if you use the Search Albums function and search for "beet" you will find all albums with Beethoven in the name.

Q:"Can I purchase my own speakers for the JB7?"

The JB7 was designed for 8 ohm loudspeakers - like our BSP50s - but JB7 owners have used the JB7 with hundreds of different loudspeakers without problems. The BSP50s are matched to the power and physical size of the JB7. If you are looking for higher quality loudspeakers then you need to think about spending more than £200. 

Q:"Will the JB7 work in North America on 110V?"

Yes - the JB7 has a universal laptop computer style AC adaptor that will work on 110V. The mains lead/cord is detacheable with a small figure eight style connector.


Q:"Is there a PAUSE function?" 

Yes You can pause and resume your music with the “play/stop” button. If you press the “play/stop” button in the middle of a track and leave JB7 for 5 minutes then press “play/stop” it will start playing were you left off. 

Q:"I only have classical recordings; will I have to enter all the details of each recording MANUALLY? I suspect these are only transferred automatically for POP records?"

The JB7 contains names of over 300,000 classical albums (and all the tracks within them). The database grows by 1,000 classical albums every month. JB7 owners tend to find the JB7 recognises 95% of their CDs unless they have rare CDs.

Q:"Can all JB7's be used with an Ipod? Is it possible that my JB7 can be upgraded to do this if it can't already?"

The 2012 JB7 is electronically and mechanically different to the older model so unfortunately it is not practical to upgrade an old JB7. 


Q:"Is there a way of deleting all Albums from the hard disk in one go?"

Yes there is a way to delete all albums from the hard disk in one go.
Use the menu system to select “Settings” then “Maintenance” then “Erase Music” and this will delete all the albums on your JB7 hard disk.

Q:"Any means of wireless transmission and reception using JB7?"

You can use commonly available wireless headphones. We had a quick look on Argos and found a few FM headsets. See this link









In depth guide

A historic detailed guide for owners who have questions can be found here.

Martin Brennan



  • How many CD's can you store at the various bitrates and what about lossless or uncompressed?

               320G   500G

128k        5000   5000

192k        3200   5000

320k        2000   3000

Lossless   420     630

N.B. 192k is the default setting - normal compression. Also there is a 60,000 track limit.


  • How do I format a USB drive to use FAT32?

Windows will not format with FAT32 if a USB drive is bigger than a certain size. JB7 needs FAT32 to work so we use a free program called EASUS Partition Manager Home Edition that you can download here

Update 7th July 2015 - came across another simpler FAT32 Formatter here - formatted a 1Tb drive appears to work OK with JB7


  • Can I have a copy of the instruction booklet?

Instruction booklet download Note contact details on last page historic