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Can I import my iTunes music collection into B2?

Yes - you need a USB hard disk (or memory stick). Find the iTunes Music folder on your computer and drag it to the USB hard disk. Then plug the hard disk into USB C on the B2 and use.
USB Functions->Import from C

Do I need loudspeakers?

Yes you need loudspeakers. There is no loudspeaker inside B2 - the little holes on the top are for ventilation. You can buy BSP50s from us or use your own.

If I buy two B2s can I transfer music? 

Yes you can export all the music from the first B2 at home to a USB hard disk then import the music into the second at your office.

How do I connect to a Bose Wave Radio?

Use a 3.5mm to 3.5mm jack cable like this. 

You can also use this cable to connect B2 to most Bluetooth speakers

Do I need an App?

Nothing to install - just use a web browser - like Chrome or Safari to control the B2.

Do I need a Bluetooth dongle to control B2 from a mac?

No you only need the Bluetooth dongle if you want to play music from your phone or tablet using Bluetooth. You control the B2 with a Web UI that uses Wifi. Wifi and Bluetooth are two different wireless standards.

Can I link B2 to an Amp?

Yes - see the video guides.

Can I view a list of albums and artists on the b2 like on an ipod?

Yes - on the front panel - push the knob and turn to Browse Artists or Browser Albums and push again. Or better still use the Web UI.

Can I play B2 though a Sonos One?

Yes - though strictly speaking you don't play the B2 through the Sonos speakers - instead the Sonos speakers play the music on the B2 hard disk - so its all controlled by the Sonos software not the B2. 

Can I change the volume on the optical out?

Sorry no - the level is fixed to get the best signal to noise ratio.

How to change the Micro SD card

Since Spring 2017 B2s have a micro SD card that is not accesible without opening the box. If you want to change the SD card to increase storage for instance. Uncrew the two screws at the back marked with chevrons.

Then pull the rear panel and attached assembly out slowly about 3cm or 1.5 inches.

You may need to prise the panel out with a screwdriver - thats normal. Take care not to damage the metalwork.

I wrapped tape around the screwdriver to protect the metal.

You can just see the micro SD card and it will pop out when pressed.

Reverse the steps to assemble - again its common for the rear panel to "snap" back into place.

Does the HDD stop in standby?



Troubleshooting B2 Tips

See the new troubleshooting section

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Is there a printed manual?

We don't have a printed manual beyond the quick start guide. The web is by far best way to document products like the B2. We can add material to reflect new features on a daily basis. We can revise parts that we haven't explained very well or cause difficulty. And of course we can use video to help explain.