The album database:

Q:"Can you update the album database?"

We update the album database monthly and you can order a copy on CD from us. Update the database from the settings menu. You are free to share the database with other JB7 owners.

Any CDs that you loaded but weren't found in the old database can be looked up in the new database. Use relabel in the album menu. 


Q:"Why do you need to update the album database?"

If you bought JB7 today then it would know about almost all the CDs published before 1st May 2009. So if you inserted a popular CD that was published in December 2007 then JB7 would almost certainly know the album and track names. (Its hard to believe but this information is not actually stored on the CD). 

If a band like the Hoosiers was to release a new CD next week and you bought the CD then JB7 would not recognize it. You would then have to give the album a temporary name – say “Hoosiers” – when you load it onto JB7.

In a few months you could purchase the latest album database CD from us and load it onto JB7.

You can then use JB7 to re-label this album from the new album database. Its in the manual - but you select the Hoosiers album either by scrolling through the albums or doing a text search then select “Re-label Album” from the menu. JB7 will then rename the album and all the tracks from the newly loaded database.

If you have a large pre-existing CD collection and its not growing that fast then you may never choose to update the album database. If there are particular tracks on new CDs that you want to find easily then you can edit the name on an individual track.