Custom BB1s

You can increase the capacity of a BB1 yourself but some customers have asked us to build custom higher capacity BB1s.

Our repair centre Audiotech will customise BB1s to order with 128G and 256G capacities. These are new BB1s and carry the same 12 month warranty from Brennan. They are built to order so will take around a week.

Higher capacity might be important to you if you plan to store lossless (FLAC) music in the BB1 or really want a huge number of tracks.

Baby Brennan Capacity

The number of tracks that a bb1 can hold depends on the amount of memory but also on the kind of compression - mp3, flac, aac or wav (no compression). For mp3 (and aac) it also depends on something called the bitrate. Track lengths vary so manufacturers often assume a three minute average for sake of comparisons.

The custom models are starred.
BB1 Capacity in tracks
  128k MP3 256k MP3 FLAC WAV
16G 5,000 2,500 833 500
32G 10,000 5,000 1,666 1000
128G* 40,000 20,000 6,666 4000
256G* 80,000 40,000 13,333 8000

Order here

128G £239+£10 delivery in UK

256G £269+£10 delivery in UK

If you need to follow up on your order email Jon at [email protected]