Q&A - Miscellaneous

Software Upgrade

The easiest way is to do an internet upgrade - just go to Settings->Web Upgrade - takes a few seconds. You can also upgrade using a USB memory stick if your B2 is not connected to the internet. Check the latest software tab on the left. You could theoretically swap the SD card - so B2 could run third party software.

Wireless Speakers

You can now use B2 as part of a Sonos multiroom system - strictly you won't be playing the B2 through wireless speakers - the Sonos system plays the music stored on the B2. Comes to the same thing.


B2 has a universal laptop computer style AC adaptor that will work on 110V and 240V The mains lead/cord is detachable with a small figure eight style connector.
PS 50Hz or 60Hz is OK as well.


Check B2 specifications page on the website - click on features above then B2 specification on the left - its 4.8cm high, 17cm deep and 15.3cm wide though.

B2 DAC Quality

We use a Burr Brown (Texas Instruments) PCM2902C DAC - you can look it up. The optical SPDIF output from B2 means you can spend as much as you can afford in pursuit of audio quality on a DAC, Amplifier and Speakers and the B2 will not compromise the sound.

Raspberry Pi Login

You need to use SSH to login to the Raspberry Pi from a PC on the same network. I use a prgram called Putty. Select SSH as the Connection type. Type the IP address of the B2 and click Open. You should then see a terminal window with a login prompt. The user is root and the password is brennan. [I found that the connection is more reliable if I set Seconds between keepalives to 1 - on the connection tab of Putty at startup]

Can I use B2 as a Hard Disk?

You can use NAS to access the music files on B2. If you are a bit more technically oriented you could use WinSCP to access the entire B2 file system remotely. 

Why do all models have 10,000 Album Limit?

The hard disk on 1TB and 2TB B2s can hold more than 10,000 albums in MP3 format but there is a software limit of 10,000 CDs because thats as far as it has been tested.
There are some "test pilot" owners with special software with a 14,000 CD limit. 

How do I substitute a 256G SD card?

B2 has menu functions to transfer everything to the new bigger card.

  • Plug the new bigger SD card into a USB SD Card adaptor
  • Plug them into USB C on B2.
  • Settings->Maintenance->SD to USB C
  • Settings->Maintenance->Copy SD Music 

Transfer Music to SD card with a PC

In theory this is possible. You would have to copy the files to the third partition on the SD card in a way that mimics the music organisation on the SD card. Then after installing in B2 run Settings->Scan Disk.
Might be simpler to use a USB hard disk or thumb drive as intermediary and use USB Functions->Import from C.

Upgrade Hard Disk?

We are hobbyist friendly so if you want to open up your B2 and replace the hard disk thats OK. You might need to use Settings->Maintenance->Format HDD after installing.

Add Hard Disk to SD B2?

Sorry thats a bit impractical - the SD model doesn't have all the electronics and mechanical parts needed for a hard disk

SD Compatibility

I've not encountered any SD cards that don't work. Some take a bit longer to boot just a second or two extra but after that no difference. The biggest I used so far was a very cheap 128G seems OK.

Can I use my Bluetooth Dongle?

If your Bluetooth dongle says CSR4.0 on it then yours will work.


B2 is physically capable of playing DVDs - I was able to play DVDs using a Raspbmc SD card - its not something I will be supporting but Raspberry Pi enthusiasts should be able.

Stop Cross Fading

Settings->Segue->Segue Off

Remote Control Included? 

Yes B2 comes with a remote control.

Power Consumption?

B2 doesn't have a true low power standby mode - so I urge you to turn off at the mains when not in use - it will extend the life of the OLED display as well. The idle power consumption is just over 6 Watts.

Seamless Track to Track

FLAC and WAV are absolutely identical to the CD when segue is turned off.

Can B2 use NAS Storage?

Sorry - the B2 can act as a NAS drive - but it can't use external NAS Storage. 

Why FAT?

PCs cannot read ext4 disks. I chose FAT32 so that the B2 hard disk can be plugged into a PC - allowing you or our service centre to take a look and fix/rescue any problem disks using a PC.

Power Cuts?

Generally unless you were actually writing to the SD card when the power went off there will be no problem. If you were ripping a CD or if B2 was compressing music when the power went off then it is possible to lose information on the SD card.
Generally Settings->Scan Disk will recover all the music but it makes sense to make a backup then you can't lose anything.

What Power Amp?

We use a TPA3110 power amplifier IC please refer to the TI data sheets for detailed technical information.


B2 uses a shuffle mechanism so you should hear each track just once before it repeats. Having said that - the deck is reshuffled from time to time - if you add more music or delete or rename something - also when you turn off and on - so that would allow you to hear a track again sooner.  

What does Saving mean?

B2 displays "Saving" if you press and hold the stop key. That tells you B2 is writing its settings and files to disk so you can turn off without fear of losing recent changes. 

Random within Album

Hi Mike - Sorry that's not possible at the moment.. If you really need it - put the album in a Playlist and then play the Playlist - you can then play the Playlist at random.

CD Laser Cleaning?

I have heard from JB7 owners in the past that their player benefited from being cleaned and B2 uses a similar mechanism. A standard CD cleaning disk will be OK - audio and computer mechanisms are quite similar as far as this is concerned. There is a tiny lens held above the disk surface and it must get dirty eventually.