Internet Radio

The B2 uses an online database of over 40,000 internet radio stations provided by

You access them by with the Web UI by tapping the vTuner tab

There are two ways to use vTuner

The upper geographical panel lets you drill down through countries, regions, cities and genres.

The search panel lets you search for a name. Note that vTuner doesn’t just search station names - but associated metadata about the stations - so you might see relevant stations that don’t appear to contain your search text.

Once you see a station you want to hear - just press the station name in the upper panel or press the play triangle next to search results.

Playing Presets

B2 has ten preset radio stations.

You can play a preset radio station in three ways

  1. Remote control - press radio, then a number button.
  2. Front panel - push and turn the knob to Internet Radio. Push to pick a preset station. Push to play
  3. Web UI click on the Presets Tab then the triangle next to the station.

Changing Presets

There are three ways to change the preset stations.

  1. Play the station you want then press and hold the number button on the remote.
  2. Web UI - drag a station from vTuner to the preset panel - not touch devices
  3. Web UI - click on the three dots to the right of the station name in the vTuner panel

UK stations - original system

When B2 was first launched in UK - there was a simpler system - supporting around 700 UK radio stations. This system is accessible from the front panel only. Here are the key functions available by pressing the main knob. 

Internet Radio - select and play one of the ten preset stations.
Find Station - text based search of the 700 UK station names.
Settings -> Radio Update - updates the list of UK stations.

Our UK Radio Station are provided by  Vinnie at Radiofeeds has written some tips here.


Turn off and on.

Remember some stations may not broadcast 24 hours and may be in different timezones

Some stations - like BBC - restrict which countries can receive for copyright reasons.

Dropouts are often caused by the router or wifi. I have two routers - Virgin mostly good but drops out on some stations at some times of day - BT always good even though it is lower bandwidth.

Some owners have switched from Wifi to Ethernet and fixed internet radio problems. It may depend on how close the B2 is to the router or how many neighbouring networks there are.

There is an experimental function Settings->Maintenance->Prefill that will increase buffering at the expense of startup time. 

Our international radio stations are provided by
Let them know if you discover any out of date links - stations that no longer play


Recording From Radio

Sorry not possible - its on the wishlist.