Random and Classical modes


Random play on the B2 is really 'shuffle', where the list of tracks on the B2's HDD are randomised.

The list is re-shuffled each time Random mode is turned off and on, when albums and/or tracks are deleted and when the B2 is powered off and on again.

Pressing the NEXT button when the B2 is paused will start a random track playing from the HDD and turn Random mode on.

Random works on individual tracks rather than artists or albums.

Random mode will play each track once and then repeat the sequence - worth noting for Albums and Playlists.

The Random algorithm used does mean that repeated tracks are possible.

Having Classical mode ON cancels Random mode.

Playlists can be 'shuffled' as well - Settings > Random = ON or click the shuffle button on the WUI.

To play random Tracks within an Album, add that Album to an empty Playlist and play that with Random on.


This is a special kind of Playlist where you can put Artists, Albums and/or Tracks that you don't want played when in Random mode. For example it's a good place to put Christmas music.

You can remove entries and play 'Blacklist' just like any other playlist.

Best setup using the web UI.

Classical mode:

As the name suggests, Classical mode was introduced for listeners of classical  music who prefer the music to stop at the end of an album.

Settings > Classical mode = ON

Random mode is cancelled when Classical is ON.

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