Setting up the B2

Martin Brennan describes the B2
Including - how to connect B2 to your amplifier.

Please note - the video shows an early version of the B2 which has 'USB B' on the rear panel. USB B is used by the internal HDD or SSD so cannot be used to connect external USB devices. It has been removed on later production B2s.

You can plug headphones into the line out
8 ohms is the ideal loudspeaker impedance.
(4 ohms is OK but keep the volume below max)
If you need to swap left and right on optical use Settings->Maintenance->LR Swap
More details here

Connecting to Wifi

Martin Brennan describes the B2

If you have a hidden network use Settings->Hidden Wifi
The characters on the knob are in this order

0123456789 _./,!&-?'()#[email protected]<>=

The characters on the remote control number keys are 

1 1./,!&-?'()#
2 abc2ABC2
3 def3DEF3
4 ghi4GHI4
5 jkl5JKL5
6 mno6MNO6
7 pqrs7PQRS7
8 tuv8TUV8
9 wxyz9WXYZ9
0 0./,!&-?'()_$=

If the B2 Wifi connection fails after it has been working OK
Try turning the WIfi Router off and on. Then the B2.


Loading CDs and Cover Art

Martin Brennan describes the B2
Including - how to use an external CD mechanism.

Settings->Compression allows you to pick FLAC or MP3 or turn off compression completely in which case music will be left as WAV
You can turn on compression later.

Using with Sonos

Video  Guides

I am working on a series of videos to make it easier to understand and use the B2. Let me know anything you find confusing about B2 and I'll try and explain in a video.