25th August - another big delivery of B2s just landed!

We are currently working through orders made up to 19th May.

Order now for September delivery. We have about a weeks worth then its mid October delivery. 

Prices are

  • 64G SD only £379
  • 500G Hard disk £469
  • 1Tb Hard disk £529
  • 2Tb Hard disk £569

All models are available in either metallic or black front panel.

In order to give priority to customers on the waiting list and to be as fair as possible this is the ordering process for B2’s

  1. Place your order with the form below - you will not need to pay anything now.
  2. We will email to confirm the order and give an idea of delivery date. If you are on the waiting list you will get priority.
  3. When we are ready to ship - we will send you an electronic (Paypal) invoice - you don’t need a Paypal account - you can pay by credit card.
  4. When we receive payment we will ship your order.
  5. One B2 per customer for now.
  6. 14 day Money back guarantee (excludes shipping)

If you have any questions leave them here.

Click here for B2 Order Form


Non B2 Ordering

Order by clicking on a button below - or telephone

01249 477010

The lines are open 9:00am to 5:30 pm Monday to Friday.
(Outside UK  +44 1249 477010)


BSP 50 Speakers

BSP 50 Speakers

50 Watt bookshelf loudspeakers. Including leads with plugs for B2.

Price - 62.00

Postage - £10.00
Total - £72.00


Album database on CDROM

Album database on CDROM

The JB7 album database is now available as a free download, to burn to your own CD-ROM, from Google Drive. Just Download, Unzip then Burn onto a CD. Its generally updated monthly on 3rd or 4th

If you would prefer us to burn a copy of the album database onto a CDROM for you, please purchase below.

Price - 8.00

Postage - £0.00
Total - £8.00


JB7 Remote Control

JB7 Remote Control

Price - 15.00

Postage - £0.00
Total - £15.00


500G Freecom XXS USB 2.0 HDD (or equivalent)

500G Freecom XXS USB 2.0 HDD (or equivalent)

Please note we may ship an alternative equivalent model depending on availability.

Price - 82.00

Postage - £0.00
Total - £82.00


Power Supply (B2 or JB7)

Power Supply (B2 or JB7)

This is a spare part - and is included with B2.

Price - 45.00

Postage - £0.00
Total - £45.00




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Repairs after 12 months

We charge £54 plus parts to repair old JB7s - that includes return postage.
So for example if the display fails in your four year old JB7 it will cost £54 plus £24 for the new Front Panel PCB. 


Parts Price List

Main DSP PCB £26.40
Power Amplifier PCB £24
Front Panel PCB £24
CD Mechanism £36
Hard Disk £45
Power Supply £45

Fill the JB7 Repairs Booking Form and follow instructions.

Warranty repairs - please phone and we will arrange.

"To say that JB7 has transformed my life would be an exaggeration, but it has certainly rendered it more enjoyable: it is marvellous to be able to call up all one’s favourite music just by pressing a button."


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