JB7 Overview


Music while you work. The next button plays your entire music collection at random. Instant inspiration.


jb7wine300This gives you an idea of the size - up to 2500CDs & 60 Watts.

JB7 is small enough for a bedside table. It fits in really well on a desk and because it has a remote you could put it under the TV or on a shelf.

Load your CDs into JB7 then put them in the attic or garage. You can declutter your living room then rediscover all the brilliant music you own.


JB7 plays MP3s on MP3 players, iPods, USB flash memory and hard disks and many mobile telephones.

Its great when friends come for dinner or parties. You can listen to your friends MP3s at a level loud enough for dancing or playing the air guitar.

Once people learn about the text search it can become a bit of a party game.




When you get home late from work or friends come round for coffee - press this button.

JB7 plays the entire music collection at random.

Its good to have all the gadgety stuff like text search and playlists...

...but sometimes you need on/off simplicity.



A lot of people don't notice the CD slot at first. It takes two button presses to load a CD to the internal hard disk.

You can comfortably load 20-30 CDs in an evening.

You can also rip a whole CD or an individual track directly to an MP3 player.


There are seven playlists named after colours of the rainbow and each has a key on the remote control.

Playlists are lists of tracks that you have grouped together. You might use playlist yellow for your all time favourites, playlist blue for dinner party music, green for dancing and red for a hot date.

If you want to add a track to the orange playlist just press and hold the orange key. If you want to play the violet playlist press the violet key twice.

The idea is that you can set the mood - musically speaking - with just two clicks of the remote.



A really useful thing you can do with the USB is backup JB7 onto an external hard disk.

Once you have loaded a lot of CDs onto JB7 you don't want to have to do it again if there is a breakdown.

You can save all the music onto an external hard disk with JB7's backup function. 

You don't have to be very organised. You can backup a bit. Stop. Do some more etc.

The JB7 works with many USB drives but we recommend that you look at our recommended drives before buying.

Here's a neat trick if you buy a second JB7 for another room. You don't have to load the CDs again just load them from your backup hard disk. 

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Video 1 -
MP3 takeaway



Video 2 -
Find music by txt



Video 3 -
How to load a CD





The Brennan BSP50 bookshelf loudspeakers are a perfect match for JB7's size and power.

First of all they deliver music with a clarity that lets you hear lyrics you never listened to before. Then they back it up with a depth that you would expect from bigger more expensive speakers.

The first thought that goes through your head when you hear JB7 is "where is it all coming from?". You tend to look around for some big boxes hidden in the furniture.

We sell the JB7 and BSP50s separately for those customers that want to use the JB7 with their existing hi-fi or for those customers that want to re-use their own loudspeakers. Your loudspeaker should ideally be 8 ohm and rated to handle 60 Watts for short periods but customers find that the JB7 works with pretty much anything.



BSP50 bookshelf loudspeakers





JB7 is simple to connect - you just need these

  • 24V DC - from the AC adaptor
  • Loudspeakers

Extra connections - can be useful but not necessary

  • Headphone output
  • Line out
  • Aux in - tuner, turntable, ipod etc you can record from this input so you could use it to transfer from vinyl to mp3