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Bluetooth Output

22nd September

Tip from Bryan - "I had a problem with range sending to a Bluetooth receiver for another HiFi system: putting Bluetooth adaptor on the end of a 3m USB cable worked very well"

20th July

Added a new experimental Bluetooth mode to fix problem speakers that played too quickly - like Taotronics. Use Settings->Bluetooth I/O->Bluetooth T2. This new mode will switch off the Wifi (which should be plugged into USB A) while music is playing to help with the problem. This new mode may become the default in future so please try it out with all your speakers and let me know - Martin.

4th May

Bluetooth Output added. You can now play your B2 into Bluetooth speakers or headphones.

There are two new menu items

Settings->Bluetooth IO. This changes the direction of the Bluetooth. You only really need this to switch back to using Bluetooth as an input.
Settings->Scan Bluetooth. This puts Bluetooth into output mode and searches for Bluetooth speakers or headphones and lets you select one (pairing) for sending music to. You usually have to press a button on the Bluetooth device to make it discoverable. Once pairing is complete the B2 will remember the choice and try and connect again when it is turned on again.

In output mode the Bluetooth button on the B2 remote control can be used to tell B2 to reconnect to the speakers. You might need to press this if the speakers were turned off. On some manufacturers you need to press the Bluetooth button on the speakers then on the B2 remote after they have been turned off.

You can run scan again any time. It will remember your last choice.

Find the sequence that works for you and let me know. If you have any difficulty with a particular brand of speaker let me know and we'll try and fix it.

At the moment Bluetooth is either input or output - it is possible to do both at the same time - but its a bit confusing. But let me know if that's something you would use.


Bluetooth - Jongo 3

Hi, Given the latest sw update re the bluetooth capability am I correct in surmising that I can now purchase a bluetooth dongle and a couple of Pure Jongo S3 multi room Bluetooth speakers and play my music in multiple rooms Regards Ian

Hi Ian. I haven't tested the Jongo speakers but yes they should work. (If they don't I will buy some and make them work).

Please note that B2 currently plays through one set of speakers at once. I suspect its technically possible to send to multiple speakers. If there is widespread appeal for this I will investigate further.

Also Bluetooth doesn't have the range of Wifi - I have heard from an owner who listens to his B2 on Bluetooth Sennheiser headphones on a different floor in his house - but I am not sure about walls so its mainly for use in the same room. Martin


"Hi Martin,
I'm really delighted with and enjoying the B2. As a new user I have a few queries that I can't find answers to in the FAQs - I'll submit them one by one as requested. First up is that I want to use Ethernet rather than rely on wifi. I've read the Ethernet section in the online user guide and am nervous about attempting this myself because I have no electronics experience. First, is this something that should really only be attempted by someone with relevant knowledge? Second, would attempting to fit the Ethernet cable invalidate the warranty? Any help you can give on this much appreciated. Best regards, Paul"

Hi Paul. Great question. No problem with warranty if you open B2. You don't need any electronics know how. I suggest you get hold of some flat Ethernet cable because its a bit of a squeeze with regular Ethernet cable - though it can be done. You just need to remove the two screws marked with chevrons on the back. The rear panel and main assembly will then slide out about 2cm. If the rear panel is fitted tightly just prise it out with a small screwdriver using the ethernet cables slots to get a purchase. I suggest wrapping tape around the screwdriver so you don't chip the B2 paintwork on the main body. Once plugged into the Ethernet socket on the Pi you will need to loop the cable around to feed it out the slot. If the rear panel was snug it will need the screws to be tightened and a bit of a squeeze by hand and it will snap back into place.

If you need to remove the ethernet cable from the Pi - you will need a bit of dexterity with a small flat screwdriver to lever up the Ethernet retaining clip. Don't force it. Don't rush. It will come out. I do it all the time.

HDD Sleep

Hi Martin.
Very pleased with my new B2, definitely a big advance and some great new features. One concern is that I have noticed that the HDD runs all the time even when the B2 says Standby and nothing has been played for hours. Is this correct as it will surely shorten the actual 'playing' life of the HDD if it is permanently running?
Many thanks, Pete

Hi Pete. Good point - I added an HDD sleep function on 4th April - so upgrade your software. It will power down the HDD in standby - after compression. Or you can force it by holding the stop button. Martin


Troubleshooting B2 Tips

Turn off and on
Get the latest software
Settings->Scan Disk
Press Info on the remote to get stats on your B2.

CD not working?

Settings->USB Speed
(needs to be High Speed)


Problems with Radio Stations?

Make sure you have the latest radio station addresses. Use Settings->Radio Update to bring them up to date.

Our UK Radio Station links have been provided by www.radiofeeds.co.uk.

Our international radio stations are provided by www.vTuner.com.

Let them know if you discover any out of date links.

Vinnie at Radiofeeds has written some tips here.

Can I have a copy of the B2 instruction booklet?

Quick Start Guide download



I am developing a comprehensive online user guide that will be change to reflect new software features. Current version here.

Inline switch

There wasn't room to put an on-off switch on B2 - but you may be interested to know about this switch from Amazon for £2.49. It is compatible with the 2.1mm DC jack used by B2 and may be better for you than unplugging or turning off at the mains.