Q&A - Web Interface

Please Note - If you are using a PC you should use the Chrome Web Browser.

Future Proof

Q: As I understand it, I can use my iPhone or android phone to control the B2 and to select / search through my collection and play an album or track.  However, what is the dependence on these phones?  I am looking for longevity on my B2 and worry that it may not function as phone develop to a point where they are unrecognisable to today's models.

Good question - actually I sidestepped that problem because the B2 has a web interface - so when you control it with an iPhone or Android - its not an "App" but the handset web browser that you use. Future devices will work with B2 in the same way you can confidently expect them to display old websites.

Phone Data Usage

Q: If the web interface on my phone/tablet connects to the B2 via browser is it going to affect my phone data limit? I'm guessing not as no data directly going to the phone unless I'm streaming spotify, etc.

Good question – no it won't affect your data limit to simply control B2 – but yes if you stream from Spotify over 3G / 4G – but at home your phone would normally be setup to use the (free) household Wifi.

Static IP address

It might be worth suggesting reserving an IP in the network most
modern routers have the ability to reserve a specific IP address, using the device MAC address to determine what device needs the IP. A lot simpler than having to check each time.

The latest software displays the MAC address of the Wifi adaptor press info on the remote then up arrow. I haven't tried to reserve a static IP address and it will vary from router to router let me know if you try Martin

IP Address Changes

My Web UI completely stopped working 2 days ago. I then discovered that the url as shown on the start screen gave a new number whereby the last number had changed from .14 to .16.  How has this happened? I did not change anything as far as I know, so feel distinctly lost.

This change is caused by your wireless router - reallocating the IP address assigned to B2. Some B2 owners have assigned a "static ip address" to their B2 to solve this. To do that you need to login to your router and give it the MAC address on the B2 info screen. Details will vary from router to router.



iPad drag


The problem is that the whole web interface moves a bit when I’m
trying to drag songs about. Best wishes, Steve

Hi Steve - this is a problem with all touch devices - there is no reliable way to support drag and drop. I have added buttons to the most recent software so that you can play without drag and drop. I will be adding more and more functions to the web UI so you should be able to do everything from touch and/or mouse.