JB7 Repairs

We charge £54 plus parts to repair old JB7s - that includes return postage.

So for example if the display fails in your four year old JB7 it will cost £54 plus £24 for the new Front Panel PCB.

Parts Price List

  • Main DSP PCB £26.40
  • Power Amplifier PCB £24
  • Front Panel PCB £24
  • CD Mechanism £36
  • Hard Disk £45
  • Power Supply £45

Fill the JB7 Repairs Booking Form and follow instructions. 

News July 2016 - Obsolete Parts

A number of components used in the earliest JB7s have not been manufactured for up to five years and we have run out of stock. That means that we may not be able to repair the oldest JB7s without substantially rebuilding the JB7 with more recent components - which will cost almost £200. We are happy to do this but you may want to consider buying a B2 - in which case we will offer owners with these JB7s a £50 discount on a new B2 - Martin Brennan