JB7 Repairs


A number of components used in the JB7 are no longer manufactured and we have exhausted our stocks so we no longer repair JB7s.

However we are working with Jon Beedle - an independent engineer who may well be able to help. Jon is often able to recover music from a broken JB7 and usually able to fix a faulty JB7 using a combination of parts from us and recycled parts. Email Jon at [email protected]  

Or visit the AudioTech Facebook Page

We have provided Jon our full support so he can help maintain JB7s for years to come. He is currently looking into restarting manufacture of key JB7 PCBs.

Jon can transfer music from a JB7 to a new B2 for a fee. Jon may also be prepared to buy a broken JB7 from you - for the components - approach Jon directly.

Martin Brennan