Find My B2 - The Brennan App

10th May 2016

I changed the program so it goes to the new Web UI home page - the main Web UI was previously called test.html it is now index.html. You will need to follow the instructions to install again.

16th January 2016

The Brennan App is currently at a proof of concept stage - its not pretty and its not rocket science - but what it does is open up your browser without you having to type or even know the network address of your B2.

Playing your music just got one click simpler.

Naughty Routers

The new app will be especially welcome to those B2 owners with Wireless routers that continually change the ip addresses.  Let the app find the address for you.

How it Works

The app sends a udp broadcast message out on your local network and the B2 replies with the word Brennan in the reply - thats it - thats enough for the app to open up your web browser with the right URL.

The app is only for Windows at the moment - but I hope to come up with Android, iPhone and Mac apps in due course.

I also have it in mind to make the source code open source so that hobbyists can improve or port the code.

How to install

This part is pretty ugly at the moment.

  1. Upgrade your B2 to the latest software with Settings->Web Upgrade
  2. Download this zip file its on Google Drive - click on the download icon at the top.
  3. Right click on the file and select Extract All.
  4. Navigate down the extracted folders until you see an exe (or application) file - its called B2Finder3.exe today but the version may change.
  5. You can either run by double clicking on the exe or right click and make a shortcut, then move the shortcut to the desktop with a new helpful name.
  6. You will probably find that Windows will warn about running an unknown program and/or warn about the firewall - just give it permission to run. On once PC here running Windows 8 I had to go to advanced options on the warning message to give it permission.
  7. It will run without warnings subsequently.

If it works the app will appear, display a few messages showing progress, then it will be replaced by the web browser.

If it can't find the B2 it will keep trying until you close the app.

Let me know what you think here